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Sponsorship Programs

Grain de Blé has never stopped being available to the needs of the displaced children. For the past few years, we’ve been working and serving the Syrian refugee children in Lebanon. Our programs are reaching out to thousands of children, and the numbers are increasing annually with the help of our partners. We are privileged to obey the Lord and put a smile on the face of every child we serve, knowing we were able to reach out to them with the message of salvation.

One Child Matters sponsorship program

When you sponsor a child you’ll give him/her a chance to be part of our 3 day camps and receive the gospel message.  The below chart gives you different options to choose from.

Three Day – Summer camps

Enrollment options # of kids Total Cost Timeframe
Sponsor 15 kids

Sponsor 30 kids

Sponsor 1 camp

Sponsor 2 camps









May – Sep

May – Sep

May – Sep

May – Sep


Three day – Fall or Spring camps

Enrollment options # of kids Total Cost Timeframe
Sponsor 35 kids

Sponsor 1 camp

Sponsor 2 camps







Sep – Dec

Sep – Dec

Sep – Dec


                         (ALL OUR DONATIONS ARE TAX RECEIPTED)

Awareness Programs


We are concerned about kids’ holistic welfare. In our awareness programs we try to spread awareness on children’s safety among kids, parents, and teachers. We believe the importance of starting with the kid, then the home, and then the school. Child Protection Policy and Children’s Rights are intentionally included in our activities. We have conducted lectures to hundreds of leaders and thousands of kids.

Support Our Relief Program


The poverty level in Lebanon is climbing quickly with the rate of the dollar to the Lebanese pound leaving over 85% of the people under the line of poverty. Unemployment rate is above 40% and this number is increasing daily. While salaries are rapidly decreasing in value, the food supplies are climbing up daily. You can imagine the disaster Lebanese people are going through; they are fully depending on NGOs and relief efforts to include them in their monthly food and medical distributions. We encourage you to watch the following summary of the situation to give you a very accurate idea of the atmosphere here in Lebanon.

Our Follow-Up Programs


In every event we spend two hours with the kids singing together, teaching them the bible, playing with them, and providing them with one meal before they head back home.