"I was about to quit. This conference brought me back to ministry. Thank you."
Sana, an experienced Bible teacher   

Lebanon is a small mountainous country (10,452km2). One of the most complex and divided countries in the region, it has been on the fringes, and at times at the heart of the Middle East conflict.

Its population is a mixture of Christian sects, Sunni Muslims, Shiite Muslims, Druze and others, and has been a refuge for the region's persecuted minorities for many decades. The many wars the region passed through caused many families to be displaced and find a shelter in Lebanon. The complex combination of the Lebanese society helped in establishing freedom of religion. Lebanon is open to the Gospel and serves as a base to reach the Arab world. 



The Grain of Wheat in Lebanon (Grain de Blé au Liban) is a registered non-profit interdenominational organization, (Registration # 155/ad), which has been working with children in Lebanon and the Middle East since 1985. We target children primarily and all those who fall in their sphere; such as parents, teachers, and children’s advocates.

Our aim is to instruct the children from various social, religious, and cultural backgrounds morally, spiritually and socially by introducing them to the Christian faith and values and encouraging them sensitively to understand their need for a personal commitment to Jesus Christ. By doing that, we try to make-up for all the damage and hurt that is affecting them in a war-torn region that has been suffering for decades from all sorts of political religious conflicts and wars.

We achieve this aim through the different activities that we organize; three day camps and follow up envents throughout the year.


Our Christian identity
Our ministry is based on our belief in one God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit - and in the infallibility of Scripture. We confess salvation offered only through faith in Jesus Christ. Our ministry’s identity is centred on Christ, whilst being sensitive to the contexts in which we serve.

Our commitment to children
We seek to reflect Jesus’ message and the value and importance that He gives to children. Programmes are designed to specifically meet their needs. Our activities are inclusive of all children irrespective of race, religion or gender.

Child Protection Policy

“A child means every human being below the age of 18 years.”
The Convention on the Rights of the Child, 20 November 1989
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Our will to work with national Christians
People working with Grain of Wheat organisation are local Christians. They have a sense ownership of the ministry. Simplicity and modesty characterise their activities.

Our relationship with the Church
We cooperate and work with other ministries and local churches where appropriate, as we are all part of the Body of Christ.

Our accountability for the resources that God provides
Our policy of transparency and openness applies to all aspects of the organisation, to finances and to activities. We ensure to report back and keep our constituents (donors and partners) informed.

Our commitment to Excellence in service
We strive for quality in all aspects of our ministry, in the programmes we present, in staff training and development and in administration. We seek to remain innovative and to make the best use of modern technology. 

Grain de Blé - Liban
Ghanameh Building 3rd floor,
Dikwaneh, Beirut